There is a very popular song in Taiwan this year called - Planting Flowers in the Garden. There is a sentence of the lyrics - plant a small seed and bloom a small flower. Planting and rice dumpling have the same pronunciation in Chinese, so we combined popularity and blessing to make it more representative of this year. We turned the rice dumpling into a flower, and hope that all those who have received the blessing can make the seeds planted in the first half of this year bloom into big flowers in the second half of the year
今年在台灣有一首傳唱度很高的歌 - 花園種花,我們取其歌詞 - 種小小的種子,並將種改為粽,除了結合時下流行度外並希望能讓收到祝福的人在上半年種下的種子在下半年都能開出大大的花!讓這張端午祝福海報更有 2023 年的意義!