Kitchen, what kind of space is it for you?  The warmth of home, the palette for splashing creativity, or just an essential piece of furniture in the house? 
For FILLES, it's all of the above! FILLES is a kitchen brand located in China and dedicated to creating a space where practicality, artistry, and social elements coexist. 
Through numerous rounds of brand visual meetings, we decided to establish the brand with a stable, artistic, and stainless steel craftsmanship tone, 
emphasizing the brand's distinguished elegance. 
This allows FILLES to stand out as an artistic display in any home.

是家的溫度、是揮灑創意的調色盤還是只是家中必須的擺設品。對於 FILLES 來說以上皆是!
FILLES 是一個位於中國並致力於打造實用性、藝術性和社交性共存的廚房品牌。
讓 FILLES 在任何人家中都能像是一座藝術品的擺設。

Client: FILLES 法乐斯家居有限公司
Creative Director: Ray
Project Manager: Quinn
Designers: Ray